Dog on Blue

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to treat the whole health and life of the animal. We're not only here to extend a pet's years, but to improve the lives of pets (and pet-parents) along the way.

Our Approach

We believe in providing a truly pet and people-friendly experience, with certified Fear-Free care, and an inviting, calm, and comfortable environment so that everyone, on four legs and two, can be at ease.


Our Team


World-class experts in veterinary care.
And belly rubs.

Female Doctor

Dr. Belle E. Rubs

Belle only scratches dogs behind the ear, why do you ask?

Young Doctor

Dr. Brock T. Terr

Doctor Brock Turok Terr is a proctor who walked ter his locker to grab a frock fer his doctor, Dr Rock Err

Cute Papillon Dog_edited.jpg

Derp Booperson

Derp, son of Booper, just wants to has chimken nurggets.

Vet Holding Cat

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